Getting the Most Out of Your Travel

Posted on 07 November 2017 (0)

There is a lot you can do in planning you’re next atrip; it sometimes feels very exited, mainly if you have been considering choosing an entirely new destination. And now with the internet, so much information is available to us, how can we sift through the overload? Here are seven easy steps that will make planning your next dream holiday much easier. Follow these, and you’ll be enjoying that first celebratory drink on arrival before you know it.

1. We start the countdown at twelve weeks before departure with initial research. You have holidays coming up in December, and you want to celebrate a hard year’s work with something special; the latest you should start dreaming about what to do is September. There are several resources to look at to choose a destination:

Government travel advisories – these are usually found from your government’s foreign affairs department website.

Research specific activities you may want to do and where those are offered. For example, if you are interested in engaging with communities or volunteering, you might check out local NGOs who are looking for assistance or tour operators that facilitate community visits.

Set your own goals for a holiday. What’s your dream? Do you want to photograph wildlife? Do you want to learn about a specific culture? Do you simply want to relax and reconnect with your family after a stressful work year?

2. This research will narrow down your options so that around ten weeks before departure, you are ready to make specific inquiries and request information. Who do you ask?

Contact tour operators for itinerary suggestions
Determine your preferred travel style – basic, mid-range or luxury
Travel forums are an excellent source of information.

3. Eight weeks before departure is recognized as the optimal time to book flights. There are a few ways to do this:

Online flight search engines give you a selection of airlines and prices. My suggestion is to use the search engine to find the most suitable flight (according to your preferences for price, fewer transfers, etc.) and then book directly through the airline’s website.

Go to your travel agent to book flights. You could take the fares you found on the search engines and ask the agent to match it or beat it.

Your passport should have six months validity from the end of your holiday and at least one blank page for every country you will visit. Your government passport office can offer assistance in applying for or renewing your passport.

4. Six weeks before departure is when you should be ensuring your travel documents are in order.

Fully comprehensive travel insurance should be taken out, covering emergency medical treatment and repatriation as well as lost luggage and cancellation fees. iSelect in Australia compares insurance policies to help you decide what is best for you

Check specific visa requirements for the countries you will visit and your nationality. Do not rely on a travel agent or tour operator, check with the embassy yourself to ensure you have the correct information for the nationality of passport you hold. Some visas need to be obtained before travel and you should allow sufficient processing time for this.

Visit the travel health clinic to find out what vaccinations you need for your destination.

5. Four weeks before departure, your dream itinerary should be finalised.

Complete booking or client information forms as required by your tour operator

Pay deposit and/or final balance as required by your tour operator
Start to learn a bit of the local language

6. Two weeks before departure and we are getting excited now! It’s time to pack.

Check climate information through guide books and weather bureau websites
Arrange pet care
There’s an online tool called the Universal Packing List, which allows you to enter your trip information and it will produce a tailored packing list.

7. The final countdown! Just a few last minute checks before getting on that flight.

Pack some small gifts or souvenirs from your homeland to give to people you meet in your travels.

Check your luggage allowance for your airline and ensure your luggage is not overweight. If it is under weight, consider topping it up with some clothing or stationery supplies to donate to a community project.

Finalise transport arrangements, both to get to the airport in plenty of time for checking in and passport control, and also the arrangements for a pick up when you arrive at your destination.


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Finding the Best Airfare

Posted on 30 October 2017 (0)

How often have you had to rely on an unknown face or a distant travel agent to get your tickets booked for your next flight? And how often have you wondered how much you have to pay for your flights when economics would suggest that prices come down with the competition? Well, it would no longer be the case where you pay through your nose for what could be just a fraction of the cost that you might have otherwise paid – otherwise because the concept of finding the cheapest flights online has dawned upon the millions of frequent fliers. Consumers have always learned it the hard way to fight for and win their rights, but, this time around, they have the technology on their sides. There are many ways of getting the cheapest flights online if only you set your mind to it, and refuse to pay an enormous premium for something that you could make a bargain out of.
Wherever you are, and wherever you plan to fly, having access to the cheapest flights online is just a few clicks away. Technology has evolved, and there are specialized travel portals that have the best designs and the most sophisticated software installed, to ensure that consumers get the best prices on their travel through the air. With such advances, it is possible to find the cheapest flights online through an effective mix and match in the mixing deck, and it is no longer a necessity to pay hefty amounts for what you could get at very reasonable rates. Further, the frequency with which people travel has also increased manifold. The world has become one large marketplace that lets people move across regions like never before, and this means that people would have to spend an even more outlay on travel expenses than in the earlier days.

An increasing outlay of expenses on travel makes it, even more, a necessity to find the cheapest flights online, where differences in the rates that you could save on expenses would mean considerable savings over time. The best part is that you could find the cheapest flights online, no matter where you are physically present and irrespective of where you would want to get to. This is the perfect opportunity to make good use of information technology and save considerably on travel expenses, without having to compromise on quality or the experience of flying.

If you have not tried it out yet, you may be wondering how you could have risked missing out on such an opportunity to find the cheapest flights online with just a few clicks of the button right on your computer. Technology has been at the forefront of changes all over and there are now companies that boast sophisticated software and high-end programmes that are capable of finding the cheapest flights online with their powerful search engines. These travel portals that are riding high on the waves of technology have the dual advantages of being sophisticated in their abilities and yet, so simple in their outlook and in their user interfaces, to make it so simple for consumers to find the cheapest flights online.

There is even more travel being undertaken these days by the average consumer than ever before, which means an ever-increasing proportion of one’s income being allotted towards one’s travel needs. That is all the more the reason why every traveler should look for an opportunity to use the power of the internet to find the cheapest flights online for every flight they take. And with so many options and so much of choice available for the traveler, it is only the right of every individual to ask for the cheapest flight online to serve their travel needs.




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Four Tips and Tricks for Easy Holiday Travel

Posted on 23 October 2017 (0)

Whether you’re planning to spend this year’s Christmas in Rome or you’re just traveling for a holiday in that perfect destination, there are things you need to do to avoid having a stressful and frustrating experience. Most travelers across the world experience delays as a result of mechanical breakdowns or extreme weather conditions. At times, you can develop health issues that lead to the canceling of your trip. Here are some tips to help you avert such issues or ease the resulting woes.

Leaving Early

If you want to avoid being late and increase your chances of getting your flight or bus on time, leave home early on the day of your trip. That means you must gas up the previous night and get ready early. The next step would be checking-in and confirming you seat assignment online and printing your boarding pass. It’s recommended to put on shoes that you can easily move around with when passing through the different checkpoints. Planning is very crucial if you’re driving. You may need to preplan and make necessary arrangements on the possible locations where you can stop for food, bathroom breaks, and gas.

Remember to bring your Health Insurance Card

You’re going for a vacation or that trip to have a great time with friends and family. Despite the fact that you’re expecting a happy vacation, it’s important to note that accidents can happen. Before leaving for the vacation, consider checking the latest travel advisory to where you’re going, if it’s overseas, and get the necessary immunizations.

You can always find contact details to find non-life threatening health care on your health insurance card, in the event you fall sick while traveling. If you’re traveling to a destination that doesn’t seem to accept health coverage, you may be required to buy medical travel insurance.

Contact your Travel Agent

Most travelers across the world prefer using travel agents when going for a vacation in another country. Travel agents can help you find useful information about your destination. They can also help you plan your trip and find the best deals for accommodation as you travel around. Whether you need help finding accommodation, a car, or rescheduling a flight, a travel agent can help.

Pack light for Your Trip

Well, there’s nothing wrong with checking as many bags and suitcases as you can pay for. While you can carry as many suitcases as you want, remember the space in trains and buses is usually limited. The airlines might accommodate your luggage, but you might have a hard time moving with them in buses and trains. Even if your vacation is to last a couple of weeks, it’s possible to get by with fewer items and clothing than you think.

Rolling rather than folding your clothes while parking can help maximize the space in your bag. Rolling also makes it easier to repack your bag in case it’s opened at the security check points. You may consider shipping gifts and vacation purchases to save yourself from the additional baggage fees.

Don’t forget to bring some entertainment for your kids when traveling. Having them occupied will make your trip much easier and less stressful. Movies, mobile games, and music will do best. As you leave home, be sure that everything is secured. You may need to request a friend or neighbor to visit your home once in awhile

when you’re on vacation. Ensure everything looks normal in your home so as to keep thieves and burglars at bay.



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